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The Matura exam in Polish is almost here, are you are worrying if your Polish is good enough?

We are starting an intensive preparatory course especially for foreigners who want to take the Matura in Polish.

The course covers all the issues from Polish language exams in literature and grammar. The program of classes is consistent with the core curriculum in Polish high schools. In addition, it contains exercises and workshops to improve knowledge of the Polish language.

40 hours of the intensive course include:

– phonetic exercises to improve pronunciation,

– individual analysis of language and lexical errors in spoken and written language,

– workshops on writing various kinds of text  (essays, abstracts, essays, reviews),

– exercises outlining Polish grammar,

– review of readings with analysis of related issues.



Number of people: 2-5 (small groups support individual support of each of the students) or individual lessons

Duration: 2 months (February – March and March – April) – beginning of the course 01/02/2018

Frequency of classes: 2 x 120 minutes per week

Levels: from B1 to C1


Do not hesitate with your preparations for the Polish Matura, start preparing with us.

Don’t delay, sign up today!

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Do you fancy a coffee? Do you need a few Polish phrases that will make your life easier in Poland? Maybe you want to speak Polish? On 13th October at 16.00 in ZSO No. 7, Witosa 23, Katowice we will combine business with pleasure. We are inviting all parents (and any others) to a free Polish meeting with a cup of coffee. We guarantee that you will enjoy the Polish language. During the meeting you will have the chance to enroll in some Polish courses. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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Хочете зустрітися за філіжанкою  доброї  кави? Потребуєте декількох поширених польських фраз, які полегшать спілкування в Польщі? А може ви просто хочете поговорити по-польськи? 13 жовтня в 16.00 в ZSO 7 (школа №7) на вулиці Вітоса 23 в Катовіце  ми з’єднаємо приємне з корисним. Ми запрошуємо усіх батьків іноземців на безкоштовну зустріч з польською мовою за філіжанкою кави. Ми гарантуємо, що ви полюбите польську мову. Під час зустрічі буде можливість запису на курси польської мови. Ми чекаємо на Вас!

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Holidays  –  is an exciting  time of expectation, joy and  inspiration. Our center  was surely touched by the Spirit of Christmas that gave us lots of unforgettable moments!

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Each of us at least once in a lifetime read a book, which made a lasting impression. When was it? Why this very book? What did not let  you to forget about it? We invite you to talk about your favourite books over a cup of good coffee 🙂

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Nobody doubts, that Katowice  is an unusual and creative city. Spodek, the International Center, Mariacka street and  the Market  can’t give us the full picture . Let’s search  interesting places in Katowice together!

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On the nearest Saturday we listen, sing and speak about our favourite songs. Let’s  study Polish singing! Take a good mood,  a strong throat and a guitar 🙂


We invite all the bravest students and their friends to play a Polish game. We are going to check our Polish skills in real situations with passersby. We will be meeting at the main entrance of Galeria Katowicka on 3-ego Maja at 18.

For the less brave we will be waiting in Biała Małpa at 19.

See you on Saturday

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Meeting of polishnow students coming soon. We invite students, friends and partners. You’ll have the chance to speak polish, learn something new about polish life, meet new friends and spend time in good company.

More information soon!

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