Summer intensive course

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Already on 8thAugust, we are starting an intensive summer course of Polish for foreigners.

If you want to quickly learn the most important vocabulary and grammar of the Polish language needed in the first contact in the store, office, pub or you have already had the first lessons of the Polish language and want to improve your skills – welcome!

We are opening a course for two groups: for beginners A1 and more advanced A2. For four weeks three times a week in the afternoon we will learn and improve Polish and, of course, have fun. Polish is easier than you think.

The most important information:

What? – intensive summer course for groups A1 and A2

When? – from 8th to 3th1 August 2018

How often? – three times a week on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays

Where? – classrooms in the center of Katowice

For how much? – price for 12 lessons for 60 minutes – 300 PLN (25 PLN for 60 minutes)

Teachers? – engaged experts with many years of experience, enthusiasts focused on the visible effects of their work.

For whom? – for those who have never spoken in Polish and those who want to speak better, for those who are interested and for those who doubt their skills – simply for you.


Call 502 415 239

Ask, sign up. We are waiting for you!

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