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  • Is the Polish language an unattainable challenge for you?
  • Do you want to understand what Poles are saying around you?
  • Do you want to speak Polish to realize your plans in Poland?
  • We are here for you to help you make your dreams come true!
  • When teaching Polish, we rely on situations that you encounter every day.
  • We will help you find a common language with Poles!

You want to pass
state examination?

Do you need a certificate that, depending on the level, allows access to free studies in Poland, applying for Polish citizenship or obtaining a resident card? You’re in the right place! Our teachers are certified examiners of state and TELC exams! At Polish Now you will learn what you will need for the exam!

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Small group courses

Step by step, without pressure, you will start learning the secrets of the Polish language. In the company of other foreigners, you will quickly overcome the language barrier.

Individual courses

You choose the form that suits you – online or in the classroom – and the time when you learn the fastest. You define the learning goal and we make sure to achieve this goal.

Polish language for companies

Your employees – foreigners – will be comprehensively prepared to work in Poland; thanks to Polish courses, they will appreciate their work also because of the comfort of staying in their new place of residence.

Preparation for exams

Join us to prepare for certificate exams that verify your proficiency in Polish, empowering you to confidently plan your life in Poland. Guided by certified examiners, you’ll acquire all the necessary skills to excel in the exam.

Polish Now is not just about learning – join our community and make friends in Poland!

Student meetings

Is there anything more natural when learning Polish than meeting another person face to face? That’s why we create such opportunities. PolishNow student meetings provide a chance to test your skills in interacting with other foreigners, enhancing the sense of acceptance and reducing pressure when speaking in front of Poles.


Is learning Polish like an arduous uphill hike? Or maybe a mountain hike, a longer or shorter trip, is a great opportunity to speak Polish? While the body is busy finding strength for the next step, the mind can finally arrange Polish words into fluent sentences without any inhibitions.

City games

It’s time to test your Polish on Polish streets! City games are a great test and fun, during which students talk in Polish with random people, ask passers-by for directions, handle various matters – and all this in Polish with Poles.

Meet us!

We are a group of professional teachers who value personal relationships with each student. We are creating the only school in Silesia focused solely on learning Polish as a foreign language.

Since 2012, we have been passionately teaching Polish at all levels of advancement, conducting corporate courses, preparing for certificate and TELC exams, and conducting examinations.

With us, you will go beyond classrooms, so that learning Polish becomes a natural consequence of getting to know people and the world around you. During trips, integration meetings and fun activities, you will see that anyone can speak Polish. Join our community!

We teach language to build relationships!

Our mission is to build bridges between people through teaching the Polish language. We believe that a genuine, positive relationship with people (acceptance and integration) is the foundation for quickly mastering Polish.

that’s how many years of experience we have in teaching Polish at Polish Now

from so many countries around the world, our students come from

there were so many outbursts of laughter while saying “Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz”

this is the success rate of passing the state exam among оur students

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