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Our team

Anna Sosna

Anna Sosna

  • Founder of Polish Now.
  • Graduate of Polish Philology at the University of Silesia, Postgraduate Qualification Studies in the Teaching of Polish Culture and Language for Foreigners, participant of the international program at the Universität Wien (Slavic studies).
  • A tutor with many years of experience, able to teach all levels of ability, professionally prepares for certification exams.
  • Work is her passion, and her passion is her work.
Svitlana Savelieva

Svitlana Savelieva

  • Lecturer of foreign languages ​​with many years of experience (Open International University of Human Development “Ukraine”, Scientific Center “Logos” in Chmielnicki, English Club “Smile”), psychologist.
  • A recognized foreign language methodologist, knows how to effectively teach oneself languages.
  • She is fluent in four languages, of which three are her native language, and she is still learning new ones.
  • Passionate about etymology, linguistics.
Ada Biedrowska

Adriana Biedrowska

  • Graduate of Polish Philology at the University of Silesia.
  • Passionate about the Polish language, mountain expeditions and the world of literature.
  • Teaches at all levels of proficiency, groups and individuals, stationary and online.
  • Likes to invent new exercises, create his own language games and materials.
  • She also works with Polish as a proofreader and editor.

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